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Privacy Notice

Right to privacy

Mohamed Sadeq Ruyan General Trading does not gather any personal information you don’t explicitly consent to share with us.

Since we are not a distributor of personal information, the information gathered from you will never be exchanged, traded or sold. Any personal information that you share with us will be treated with the highest reasonable standards of security and confidentiality.

Our privacy guidelines comply as closely as possible with European laws, where supported by the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

Information we collect

The only point in our site where any personal information is collected is the contact form. When completing a form you will be asked to enter your name and email address, and these are considered personal information.

The information collected is used solely to reply back to you with a relevant response, and will not be used for any other purpose, including email marketing.

How we collect information

This site does not currently use cookies in order to track behavior or visits. A server log will hold some information about visits for the purpose of catching errors and problems.

The information held by our server logs are the IP address and the http request made.

While we reserve the right to start using cookie-based analytics software, any changes will be recorded here in the privacy notice.

The only direct point of information collection is our contact form. Without the information collected on that form, we cannot send a relevant response. Thus your consent is explicitly required. This information is collected using a well regarded third-party tool, whose security we are reasonable sure of.

How long we store information

Server logs are deleted on a weekly basis.

Contact requests will be held for a maximum of 2 years, in order to collate interest from relevant parties.

Third party information sharing

Mohamed Sadeq Ruyan General Trading will only use information as defined in this policy. We will not sell, trade or share your information, although it will be stored in the trusted third party tools that help us operate this website, without your explicit consent.

Mohamed Sadeq Ruyan General Trading works with several brands, manufacturers, retailers and agencies as part of its business as a distributor. If a request given to us is better served by these other parties we will ask to share your request with them, and do so on your consent.

The myriad of third party tools used in the operation of this site will be used as long as they comply with out privacy guidelines.

Mohamed Sadeq Ruyan General Trading may be required to release information when to comply with laws and regulations, or to protect the rights, properties or safety of all involved.

The right to be forgotten

In accordance with European law, you have the right to see what data we have collected, and to request removal of this data. A request of this matter can be made on the contact form, highlighting the GDPR/Forget Me option, and detailing your requirements in the message body.

Consent, changes and relevant laws By using this website you consent to our website’s privacy policy, as put forward in this notice. Any updates to the privacy policy will be reflected on this page.

Mohamed Sadeq Ruyan General Trading operates in the United Arab Emirates and is subject to its laws, policies and regulations first and foremost. When doing business with companies in other countries it complies as closely as possible with local laws and regulations.

This page has been last updated in July 2018.